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The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (Narrated) order

Big Book Facts and Trivia

  • The Original cost of a Big Book in 1939 was $3.50.  That is over $40.00 in today's dollars as adjusted for inflation.
  • The First Edition was published by Works Publishing, a company started by Bill W. and Hank P. solely for the publication of the Big Book
  • Ann Smith suggested the name "Works Publishing" from the line in the New Testament  "Faith Without Works is Dead."
  • The One Millionth Big Book was given to President Richard M. Nixon in a White House ceremony in 1973.
  • It took 16 years to sell the first 300,000 printed copied of the Big Book.( The whole run of the First Edition )
  • There are over 20,000,000 copies of the Big Book in print.
  • Over One Million copies of the Big Book are sold yearly.
  • Chapter 8, To Wives was written entirely by Bill W. ( much to the disapproval of Lois )
  • Loans for friends of John D. Rockefeller Jr. help fund the early printing of the Big Book.
  • The first paperback edition of the Big Book was published in 1986.
  • Bill W. and Dr. Bob each received 10% of all the Big Book sales as royalties.
  • Early considered titles included One Hundred Men, The Empty Glass, and The Way Out.
  • The total distribution of the 1st Edition of the AA Big Book was approximately 300,426 copies.  
  • The distribution of the Second Edition Big Book was approximately 1,090,416 copies.
  • The distribution of the Third Edition Big Book was approximately 19,843,221 copies.

The fourth edition of Alcoholics Anonymous costs $5.00 in hardcover, only $1.50 more than it did 62 years ago; a soft-cover edition sells for $4.60. 

Copies of the book and information about Alcoholics Anonymous may be obtained at a local A.A. service office, listed under Alcoholics Anonymous in the phone book, or through A.A. World Services, Inc., Box 459, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163

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